Design Consultation For The Perfect Floors

Sometimes, homeowners come equipped with a vision, a dream for the ideal wood floors they will love, which makes our design consultation a valuable resource. Knowing what you want can be one thing while knowing how to best achieve that end result is another thing altogether. From knowing which materials are best for the project, to being able to bring all the elements together for a finished look, we can help you breathe life into any wood flooring project you’re ready to undertake. All it takes is reaching out to us with a general idea, and we will get right to work helping bring your vision to a reality.

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Our Design Consultation Will Bring Things Together

Not everyone understands the true value of wood flooring in the overall décor scheme of your home. With a proper design consultation, you can have spaces that exceed your own dreams & desires for your wood floors, with avenues you may not even have previously considered. From matching the wood flooring to the décor you already have in place, to creating a flow from space to space, our design experts are ready to help you take your wood floors to the next level.

Along with design help for our professional installation service, we also offer design consultations with our expert wood floor refinishing services, for flooring that’s already in place, including custom stains and finishes, dustless sanding, & repairs. For the new personalized look you’ve been dreaming of, our design consultants will help you achieve your goals.

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