Hardwood Floor Refinishing

While hardwood floors are extremely durable, with years of use they can become dull, scratched or scuffed. But unlike carpet and other flooring types, there’s no need to replace your hardwood floors when they begin to show their age. Hardwood floor refinishing from Paramount Flooring can restore the beauty and luster of your hardwood floor and make it look new again.

The hardwood floor refinishing process begins with sanding your hardwood floor to remove the old finish and stain. Paramount Flooring uses a dustless sanding process that captures most of the dust, keeping your home clean and maintaining healthy air quality. We will make any necessary repairs, including filling cracks, gouges, or nail holes in your hardwood floor, before beginning the hardwood floor finishing process. Paramount Flooring can also remove and replace individual boards that have been damaged if needed.

Our Process

Once all of the repairs have been made and your hardwood floor has been prepared, we will apply the floor stain color of your choice, followed by multiple coats of finish. Paramount Flooring offers both polyurethane and water-based finishes as part of our hardwood floor refinishing service.

Protecting your home, as well as ensuring your personal safety and health, during the hardwood floor refinishing process is of the utmost importance to us. Before we begin the hardwood floor refinishing process, we will drape the adjacent areas of your home to protect it from dust and damage. When the hardwood floor refinishing process is complete, Paramount Flooring will thoroughly clean the work site, leaving everything looking brand new.

Our floor refinishing services include:

  • Hardwood floor repairs
  • Dustless hardwood floor sanding
  • Hand distressing
  • Water damage repairs
  • Floor sealing
  • Floor resurfacing
  • Floor maintenance programs
  • Pegging, grooving, and wire brushing
  • Warped floor leveling
  • Removal of old tile or linoleum

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