Hardwood Staircase Installation

The staircase often occupies the most prominent position in your home, acting as a key focal point. This is especially true if your staircase is in your entry area or you have an open floor plan. Hardwood stairs are not only beautiful and elegant, but they also add value to your home. Let the professionals at Paramount Flooring install hardwood stairs that will make your staircase stand out.

Hardwood staircase installation from Paramount Flooring offers tremendous versatility. Choose from a wide selection of stain colors. We can even match the stain color of your hardwood stairs to your existing hardwood floors. Or, opt for stained treads and painted risers for your hardwood staircase. Paramount Flooring also offers a wide variety of newel posts, balusters, and railings from which to choose to truly customize your hardwood staircase installation. Create a one-of-a-kind hardwood staircase with a custom landing design. In addition, Paramount Flooring also offers curved hardwood staircase installation.

Hardwood stairs are very durable and easy to maintain. Unlike carpeted stairs, which get matted down and show traffic, hardwood stairs can last for decades with proper maintenance. Simply sweep or mop them with a damp mop periodically. If you really want carpet or the cushioning afforded by carpeting, consider a hardwood staircase installation with a carpet runner.

Let Paramount Flooring replace your existing staircase with a beautiful new hardwood staircase installation that will dramatically change the look of your home. Give us a call at 816-564-2738 and schedule a consultation with one of our hardwood staircase installation experts.